The Problem

                There is a lack of leadership and confidence in today’s young adults. A significant amount of young males don’t take responsibility for their unique position in society as leaders and change-makers. They struggle with complacency, laziness and being irresponsible. There are many young females that struggle with confidence and self-respect. As a society we need both males and females to have the drive, the confidence and the ability to lead and impact change around them. We need to equip men to be the leaders in their jobs and their homes. We need to empower women and give them the confidence to achieve their goals and believe that they are important and that they can change the world as well.


The Solution

                We realize that this won’t change over night. We also realize this is a global problem. It may look slightly different in different cultures or communities but the issue overall is the same. When we ask ourselves how this problem can be solved, we must begin at the root of this problem. The lack of leadership in males comes from two main reasons. Most did not have a solid male figure in their life to teach them positive core values and help develop a strong character. Or they pursued activities that eventually would not benefit them or their personal growth and those activities put them in places where they now realize they have wasted part of their life. With females, they sometimes are not able to accomplish their dreams or goals because they are either put in positions where they have little potential to succeed or they feel they have to live up to a certain standards that society has created for them. It is important to empower young women to dream big and go out and see those dreams become a reality. For some that can mean being a great mother and wife. For others that could mean being an athlete, or a global leader for change, or a successful businesswoman.

                 How can we create positive change and growth in young adults? We believe that youth should be equipped, inspired and sent out to achieve their dreams so they can in turn become the mentors that start the process all over in others. If a youth can be taught the importance of leadership and solid character values they in turn can apply those skills to their future lives and grow into the leaders and contributors of tomorrow. If we can inspire a boy to be responsible, humble and have integrity this has the potential to not only affect his life but the lives of those around him. If we can empower and encourage a young girl to strive after her passions and give her the confidence, strength and dedication to do just that, she will be able to accomplish her dreams and be a contributing part of society. 

I have seen that my child has been able to enjoy Ultimate Frisbee without the pressure that has accompanied team sports in the past. Although all sports are supposed to be team-focused, it seems that UF is uniquely designed so that all truly have to work together to succeed and there is no one player more important than the others. My child is very social and loves sports, but he/she has often been stressed as he/she has played other sports at different times over the years. For the first time I’ve seen her/him truly just enjoy her/his time on a team sport–without feeling pressure to be the best or perform well enough to get enough playing time. Thank you, Breaking Borders, for coming to Nicaragua and for investing in young people, not only teaching them the rules of another sport, but teaching values that will go with them for their lifetimes!”
— Parent Testimony