A New Project- NCA Nejapa

Para Espanol clique aca.

NCA Nejapa is a sister school of NCA International, where our Dale Pues team is hosted. NCA Nejapa teaches their classes in Spanish and is reaching the middle class of Nicaragua. They operate on the February-November school Calendar. 

We are lucky to have them as a new program starting August 2016! 

Hector, the P.E. teacher who has been working with the kids at Nejapa, invited Exequiel and Chasen to speak in a couple physical education classes and provide some experienced support. Exequiel shared the values covered in the Breaking Borders' leadership curriculum (THE DISC) and specifically taught on being teachable. Afterwards he and Chasen took the kids outside to focus on throwing with two younger classes and scrimmaging with an older class.

All the youth participated and had a good time, but several really enjoyed it and grew in their skills in just one short class. Our goal is to have a mixed club team starting with the new school year in February 2017!