Campeonatos de Club Ultimate 2017 (Club Ultimate Championships)

After 20 months of countless practices, pickup games, hours investing in people's lives, and two successful previous tournaments, we hosted the first ever Club Ultimate Championships in Nicaragua! 

From left to right: Granada, Dale Pues Youth, Chiquilistagua, Chinandega, Matagalpa, Managua

On March 11th, 2017, 6 teams, with over 100 players, from 4 different regions of Nicaragua, met at The Cocibolca Jockey Club to compete to be crowned the first ever Club Champions of Nicaragua! After 6 games Managua beat Chiquilistagua in the finals to take the crown. 

This day was exciting for many different reasons. 

  1. 3rd tournament in just one year.
  2. A 30% increase in number of Nicaraguans participating from first tournament. 
  3. 4 regions represented: Managua, Granada, Chinandega, Matagalpa.
  4. 6 different teams from these regions participated.
  5. Dale Pues Youth team competed against adults and came in 4th place. 
  6. Chiquilistagua practiced for 3.5 months enter as the only completely Nicaraguan team. They finished in 2nd place! 
  7. Each team knew themselves and were able to grow closer through this tournament. 
  8. Publicized on 2 major national news networks in Nicaragua. 
  9. More people left excited and ready for the next tournament! 

We are so thankful to all the players who participated and captains who helped lead and coach their teams during the tournament and before. It was a huge success and we can't wait for the next one!

It was very well organized and I had a lot of fun!
— Enrique "Ruby" Gomez (Managua)
Este torneo fue mi segunda experiencia,pero esta vez fue diferente,este torneo me regaló una experiencia bonita llena de anhelos,trabajo duro,una experiencia marcada por un objetivo
Lo más bonito de este torneo fue que jugue con mi equipo y llegamos al corazón de las personas a través del frisbee, creo que eso fue un bonito regalo por nuestro esfuerzo

This was my second tournament, but this time was different. This tournament granted me an experience filled with desires, hard work, and an objective in mind. The most beautiful thing about this tournament was that I played with my team and we showed our heart to everyone through Ultimate. I believe that was a beautiful gift for our hard work.
— Cesar David (Chiquilistagua)
It was an amazing experience because it is a brand new sport for me. I encourage everyone that is interested in it to play it! Our team gave our best and we learned from every game we played.
— Hope Buzbee (Chiquilistagua)
Fue mi primera vez en un torneo así tan divertido. La verdad es que la pase bien y aprendí muchas cosas como jugar mejor. Pues la verdad tengo pensado seguir jugando con el equipo de stefan vamos a seguir practicando para ir al próximo torneo.

It was my first time in a tournament like this that was so fun. The truth is that I enjoyed it and learned many things, like how to play better. The truth is I have been thinking to keep playing with Stefan’s team. We are going to keep practicing for the next tournament.
— Gabriel Manzanarez (Chinandega)
Not only did we learn valuable lessons from fellow frisbee players through this tournament, but we made lasting friends in the ever growing frisbee community. I cannot think of a better way to spend a Saturday than to huck a piece of plastic to a bunch of new friends. 10/10 will go again
— Will Van Zoest (Dale Pues)
El torneo fue tuani. Aprendi nuevas tecnicas para lanzar y aprendi como defender mejor. Tambien me enseñaron nuevas estrategias de juego.

The tournament was cool. I learned new ways to throw and how to play defense better. My team also taught me new game strategies.
— Jonathan José Cortés Sánchez (Chinandega)
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— María Mercedes Gutiérrez Somarriba (Granada)


In addition, we are extremely thankful to our main partner Selvista Guesthouses and all our other sponsors for helping make this event possible. Through these events, we are trying to work with local businesses to help connect communities and provide awesome opportunities for everyone involved. Please go support their businesses!