Breaking Borders Travels to Chicago for CUT Camp!

Breaking Borders recently partnered with Competitive Ultimate Training (CUT Camp)  to assist them in their youth summer camps. CUT Camp is a summer camp for middle school and high school students that is lead by some of the best Ultimate coaches and players in the world. The camp participants get a high octane, high intensity week filled with game strategy, technical skills, games, fun activities and breakout sessions. You can read more at the link above. It is the best summer Ultimate camp option in the states.  

This year, in their July Chicago camp (July 16th-21st), we are responsible for the breakout sessions. Typically in these sessions the students are challenged mentally and their leadership potential is tested. We will be going through our leadership curriculum with the students this year. The following document is a simplified version of our curriculum and what we will be using with these students during these sessions. We will talk about each of our values and give them real life situations to diagnose and then hear their responses. We are really excited to share this with them! 

 Breaking Borders THE DISC Teaching Document

For those of you who know Zeke, through playing against him and his team from Chiqulistagua in tournaments, or pickup, or maybe just from pictures we have posted; he is a high level player as well as a high level coach. He is our right hand man and without him we would not have had as much success as we had this past year nor will we be able to grow in the coming year. 

Not only is this a great opportunity for Breaking Borders, but this potentially could be a great opportunity for Zeke. This is a unique opportunity for him to not only visit the states for the first time, but to also experience a high level ultimate camp where he can help teach the curriculum in the breakout sessions and also be taught by the trainers and staff there in the ultimate practices. My goal is that he will go on this trip and be able to learn from the coaches and leaders there and bring back what he learns to his team and our programs here in Nica. As we all know he will also experience a new country and expand his personal perspectives and understandings because of this trip. In my opinion this is an extremely healthy investment not only in him personally, but in the growth of Ultimate and our youth programs here in Nicaragua over the next several years. 

The Nitty Gritty

In order for Zeke to go we need money for his visa, plane ticket, and some travel expenses while in Chicago. We are being hosted at the camp for free so we don't need to cover lodging or food while at the camp. 

  1. Visa Application and Fees: $160-$200.
  2. Flight: $550-$700
  3. Food on non-camp days: $80-100
  4. Tour day: $40-80

Total: $830-$1080 

Goal: $950 by Tuesday May 21st, 2017.

Giving Record:

April 21st: $100 

April 30th: $200

May 9th: $100

May 15th: $50, $100, $25

May 16th: $25

May 18th: $100

May 19th: $25, $10, $50

ONLY $165 left!!!! 

Send Zeke to Chi-Town!

Ironically we can't buy the plane ticket until we have his visa. But we can't apply for his visa until we know we have enough money for his part of the trip. 

If you feel lead or know of others who would be interested in helping us out please don't hesitate to message us or ask questions. We need to make a decision on this trip for him by May 9th so I can start the visa application. So if you are able to give towards this trip I humbly ask that it be before this deadline so we can do our best to save money on flights and make sure we don't have issues with his visa. 

Thank you for your consideration!

Chasen Brokaw