Juego Amistoso

Juego Amistoso: Dale Pues vs. Ciudad Sandino

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After 16 months of sharing Ultimate, training players, working in communities, making friends, and creating an Ultimate culture, we had the awesome opportunity to host the first youth only game between two club teams here in Nicaragua! 

The game was held at the central baseball park in Zone 6 of Ciudad Sandino. In true Nicaraguan fashion the field was being trimmed and cleaned for play all the way up to game-time. We are so thankful to those who took the time to make sure we had a nice field to play on.

This is the beginning of a new year for Dale Pues, our first youth team that is hosted at NCA International. This gave them the opportunity play together for the first time in a real game atmosphere. They learned to work together and use their experience to their advantage. 

The youth team from Ciudad Sandino was comprised of some of our youth leaders, some kids from our project, and local youth who have gained in interest in Ultimate. They are a very athletic team but lack experience. This was a great opportunity for them to learn that hard work does pay off, but we can never be content with being ok. There is always more to be done and more to learn. 

After an hour of play Dale Pues was victorious 10-6. Both teams exhibited great flow at times and athletic plays. Both teams though still have a lot to learn and we hope this opportunity will help build a foundation for the year to come.