Un Nuevo Proyecto- NCA Nejapa

NCA Nejapa es una de 3 escuelas en ANCA, Association de Nicaragua Cristian Academia. Nejapa ensena sus clases en Espanol y esta atrayendo la media clase de Nicaragua. Ellos tienen clase del inicio de Febrero hasta el fin de Noviembre.

Tenemos suerte que hemos asociado con ellos para desarrollar Ultimate en sus clases de educación física empezando Agosto 2016!

Hector, el maestro de las clases de educación física, les invito Exequiel y Chasen para hablar en 3 clases y proveer algo apoyo con experiencia. Ezequiel les dio un repaso corto de los valores cubierto en el curiculo de liderazgo de Breaking Borders y se enfoco en el valor de "estar dispuesto de aprender." Después El y Chasen llevaron los estudiantes afuera para practicar los tiros con las clases menores y jugar un partido con los mayores. 

Todos los estudiantes participaron bien y se disfrutaron. Habian algunos que crecieron mucho y se divertieron mucho. Nuestro meta es tener un equipo club mixto empezando con el nuevo ano escolar en Febrero 2017! 

Coach and Teacher Training at NCA Matagalpa

On July 19th, which is Revolution Day here in Nica, we had our first Coach's and Teacher Training of the summer. Because it is Nica we had a beautiful drive in between multiple volcanoes to get to our site!

NCA Matagalpa hosted our first of several trainings in the coming months for all of our new schools. They are 1 of 4 new schools we are adding for the coming year. We had staff, students, and area players participate. NCA Matagalpa is a school in the north central part of Nicaragua that will be implementing our P.E. curriculum into their current programs and hopefully creating a youth team in February at the start of their new school year! Their school year is February-November. Here is a video that shows how much they learned in just a couple hours! 

Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you to our partner Disc Store for providing the discs for this new program! 

BB Staff presenting discs for the new program to NCA Matagalpa P.E. Teacher Otoniel Martinez, and Directors Greg Kynast and Nathan Sandhal,  

Ciudad Sandino

What started with 3 teenagers in the beginning of January, is now 40-50 children, youth, and adults 6 months later.    

Friday Morning youth free play

Every Friday morning we come to Zone 6 in Ciudad Sandino to play Ultimate and build relationships with the kids. When we started we only had a couple kids and they were apprehensive. As time went on the kids who were there started getting better and began to invite their friends. We now have a consistent 15-20 every week plus the young adult volunteers. 

It has been really encouraging to see how the kids have matured and begun to apply some of the values we have taught and explained through Ultimate. We have seen major attitude changes in a lot of the kids and it reflects in how they play and how they interact with others. Kids will be kids but if they can learn a little bit along the way it can help them build a good foundation for their future. 

Another aspect of our Friday morning program is community service. We want to give the kids an opportunity to apply some of the values they have learned by giving back to their community through different projects. During our first project we cleaned the park of trash and swept the basketball courts. One of the goals was to teach the kids to be responsible for what they have and take care of it. 

We had some special visitors come in May and we decided it would be fun to celebrate by having a water balloon fight! You can see who truly WON HERE! #sneakattack #leaders


Youth Mini Tourney

After 5-6 months of practicing, playing, and slowly learning more about the sport, we felt it was time to do something special for the kids in the program. We wanted to put on a small tournament. After problems with the local government, conflicting schedules and school starting again we just made it a special scrimmage with prizes for the winners. The kids have grown so much and we are hoping we can give them more consistent opportunities to play. 

Thursday Night Pickup

Starting in early June we began to have more young adults involved in our program. After watching the younger kids play for the better part of 4 months they finally began to show interest and realized it wasn't just a game for kids. Additionally the local government placed lights in the park as part of their improvement plan so it gave more opportunity to play for those who work during the day. Once the older kids and young adults started playing it raised the interest of adults as well. Thursday night pickup consists of students and adults ages 15-35 playing a mini version of Ultimate.  Since they only have lights on the basketball courts they have been limited to play 3 v 3 or 4 v 4. We are hoping we can set up a Saturday morning time so they can play on a larger field, but we are very excited to see them enjoying the game as it is now! 

Special Thanks

We would like to give a special thanks to our friend and local contact out in Ciudad Sandino. Alvaro Gonzales has been the key to our program growing and we are very grateful for all the help he has given us. We would also like to thank some of the Dale Pues Ultimate players for serving while on summer break as well. Ramiro, Davey, and Michael have helped us build closer relationships with the kids, create a more competitive environment on Thursday nights, and also helped us get the younger kids ready for the tournament. It is really cool to see how our programs are connecting and serving each other. 

Chasen, Alvaro (Community Leader), Ramiro (Dale Pues), Davey (Dale Pues), Zeke (BB Intern), and Michael (Dale Pues) not shown. 

If you have read this much we would like to thank you as well! We love what we are doing here and if you would like to help us in anyway or learn more about all of our programs please feel free to contact support@breakingborders.org


Breaking Borders Marketing and Design Intern

Have you ever been interested in being part of an organization that helps others? Have you ever wondered how you could apply your love for Ultimate and your personal skill set to help make a difference? Well the Marketing and Design Intern at Breaking Borders could be the perfect opportunity for you to implement your passions, skills, and expertise. At the same time you will be surrounded by likeminded people and challenged to grow. 

Marketing and Design Intern

We are seeking a marketing and design intern who will embody Breaking Borders and represent it authentically across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our design portfolios.  This person will learn community management and content management skills. He or she will assist in facilitating the delivery of engaging social media content to Breaking Borders growing community. This individual will also help with creating designs for events and promotional materials. This internship will require an average of 3-6 hours a week and is an unpaid position.

Interns are expected to have experience with social media on (at least) a personal level (use on a business level preferred). You must be able to think strategically and see how social media fits into a business’ marketing strategy and building long-lasting relationships by providing value to them. Interns must be able to assist in formulating social media plans (once ample information is provided to you), and then carry them out (with our assistance). You must be able to measure and document the impact of social media, and then suggest action-steps to increase impact.

Interns will be performing the following tasks:

  • Writing and posting blog posts/tweets/updates, etc.

  • Uploading videos, photo albums, etc.

  • Finding users to follow/friend/like our business

  • Helping create designs for our events

  • Tracking the growth and the impact of social media on our business

  • Replying to comments, messages, etc.

  • Report findings to the team

  • Consistently learn and grow, ask pertinent questions

  • Ability to create and upload Twitter & YouTube backgrounds, and minor video editing skills are a plus

  • Bi-monthly meetings with Executive Director to discuss weekly and monthly goals.

Skills and attributes interns are expected to have:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication, strong editing skills

  • Be creative with an eye for design

  • Knowledge of digital media software – Photoshop or other graphic design software, WordSwag,  etc. is preferred

  • Knowledge of social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, etc.

  • Willingness to create video blogs, write press releases, and Facebook posts weekly

  • Energy, with a desire to come up with fresh ideas on how to grow our online presence

  • Ability to identify a target market and “speak” to that consumer through social media

  • Experience proofreading and editing

  • Ability to deal with uncertainty

  • Ability to contribute individually, and participate in cross-functional teams

  • Spanish proficiency is a major plus


If you are interested in applying for this position please fill out the information below and send in a resume to support@breakingborders.org

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