When you invest in Breaking Borders, you are not investing in an organization or a business, but a young adult and a community. By donating to Breaking Borders, you become part of an amazing project aimed squarely at serving the youth and young adults located in various communities across Latin America. Today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow. It is our job to teach them, encourage them, and lead them to achieve all they can imagine... And more!

In a game of ultimate, opposing teams play with 7 players on the field during each point. The remaining members of the teams will be on the sidelines, and it's their job to encourage the team, fuel their efforts, and bring positive energy to the players on the field. During the best of times and the worst of times, the sideline never fails to demand the very best from their on-field teammates. While playing a game, it is the sideline that can make the difference between playing tired and playing inspired. Many teams refer to their sideline teammates as their "8th man". By making a contribution to Breaking Borders, you join the ranks of our sideline and become "The 8th Man" for our team.