This is the frequently asked questions page. Please feel free to scroll through. If you can't find your answer here email Chasen at


  1. What is Breaking Borders?

    1. Breaking Borders is an org that uses Ultimate as a tool to promote strong Biblical character development in youth. They have been influential in the development of Ultimate here in Nicaragua since 2015. 

  2. What if I want to stay extra days and travel?

    1. We fully support that! You will be responsible for making your own reservations so you can come earlier or extend your trip as you desire. We would be happy to help direct you to some great areas to visit and places to stay. 

  3. What if I want to bring my partner, who does not play ultimate?

    1. You can bring your partner and book your hotel reservation as you please. They will just not pay the tournament entry. They are welcome to attend the tournament party. If they would like to do the tour day at Laguna de Apoyo they will need to pay $15.  

  4. What other activities are available in the Granada area? 

    1. We are glad you asked! Granada is centrally located to a lot of the main tourist areas in Nicaragua. Buena Tours is our tour company partner and they would love to show how beautiful and fun Nicaragua can be

      1. Granada is the oldest city in Central America so it has a lot of charm and culture. In the city itself you can take a boat tour of the volcanic islands, you can take carriage tours of the city, you can just walk up and down La Calzada (Main Street), or you can hang out at one of many spas or tourist attractions. 

      2. San Juan del Sur and other famous beaches are only an hour drive away.

      3. Laguna de Apoyo is 15 minutes away. 

      4. Mombacho Volcano with hiking and zip-lining is less than 30 minutes away. 

      5. Masaya Volcano and National Park is 30 minutes away. 

  5. How to get there?

    1. You will need to fly into Managua International Airport. The main hubs from the states are Atlanta, Houston, Ft Lauderdale and Miami. Delta, United, Spirit, American, respectively. Spirit flights can be cheaper but arrive and leave in the middle of the night. If you choose a Spirit flight you will need to find your own transportation to and from the airport.  

    2. Shuttles from the airport to Granada on Thursday, Nov 8, 2018 will be leaving at 3:00 pm and 9:30 pm. If you are using the provided airport transportation with everyone else to Granada you will need to arrive before 2:15 pm on Thursday Nov. 8th for the first shuttle and 9:15 pm for the second shuttle. 

    3. For your departing flight (to be able to use tourney provided transportation) you will need to make sure your flight leaves at 7am or later on Monday November 6th, 2017. The transportation will be leaving at 4:30 am from the center of Granada. *Private transports are available if necessary. Please speak with Chasen if plans change. 

  6. Do I need a visa?

    1. If you are a United States Citizen you do not need a visa. If you are not then you should check with your local state department or embassy here in Nicaragua.  

  7. What should I bring?

    1. Sunscreen, cleats, water bottle, towel, discs to donate, passport, copy of passport, bathing suit, mosquito repellent, good walking shoes, rain jacket, backpack. 

  8. What is the weather in Granada like? 

    1. Typically Granada is sunny and warm. During November it will be around 85 degrees with a light breeze. 

  9. Do I need to exchange money?

    1. You do not need to exchange money. American Dollars are accepted here. Just don't buy a piece of candy from a side of the road stand with a $20 bill. They probably won't have change....

  10. Where do we stay?

    We have partnered with several different hostals, hotels, and guest houses to offer you a variety of options depending on your budget and desires. You need to make reservations directly with these hotels and say you are playing in Torneo Cocibolca. If you do this you will receive a discount and be added to the tournament block.   
    1. Miss Margrit's ($30-$40)

    2. La Pergola ($15-$35)

    3. Encuentros ($15-$25)

    4. Selina

    5. El Caite City Hostel

  11. What if I get injured while playing in Nicaragua?

    1. We will have trainers and a doctor on site that can help with any minor injuries and give medical advice if necessary. Healthcare in Nicaragua is cheap and relatively good. There is a small hospital 100 yards from the fields if an emergency happens. Or you can go to the top rated hospital in Central America in Managua (Vivian Pellas

  12. What is Ultimate like in Nicaragua? 

    1. Ultimate has exponentially grown over the last 3 years. Before that there were a couple places to play laid back pick-up during the week but that was it. Now there are consistent weekly opportunities to play in Managua, Granada, Matagalpa, and Chinandega. There are several developed youth programs, lead by Dale Pues Ultimate at NCA International and several mixed club teams. The level of play is mid-range with a majority of players being extremely athletic, but still learning the ins and outs of throwing and playing the game. There is a heavy ex-patriate influence on the game here and it has helped with development of local players. 

  13. How can I connect with Nicaraguan Ultimate players? 

    1. FENIDIVO- Federacion Nicaraguense de Disco Volador. 

    2. Granada Ultimate

    3. Managua Ultimate

    4. Chinandega Ultimate